Elevator Installations

Our company undertakes the installation of any type of elevator or lifting machine based on the excellent know-how and long-term experience of its technical staff.

We always start with the current legislation, the desires of each customer (taking into account the particular needs), the specifications of the building while ensuring maximum safety and smooth operation of every new elevator.

Our company complies with a certified quality system ISO 9001:2015 for the design and installation of elevators complies in every phase of the installation with strict procedures and forms. A technical envelope for each new installation project is maintained throughout the installation.

After completion of each new project delivered by our company the technical file and is checked by appropriate external accredited firms to verify the satisfaction of safety requirements and proper operation. After the check is carried out and if the test criteria are met, the operator issues a Certificate of Good Operating Function for the elevator. The certificate, together with other documents filed with the department responsible for authorizing the operation.