Elevator Modernization

Renovation or restoration of an elevator is necessary and is required by the Greek Legislation (ΚΥΑ Φ.Α./9.2/ΟΙΚ. 28425/ΦΕΚ 2604/Β/2008). If the elevator has been installed before 1999 and has not been the necessary adjustments to its security, energy and performance levels in accordance with the law.

Also, the renovation or restoration of an elevator is necessary when the elevator presents many important problems during its operation.

Our company, with the many years of experience and know-how of our technicians, can provide solutions for the renovation of any elevator either by undertaking only the necessary modernization work of the elevator in accordance with the existing legislation or with optional modernization work according to the customer’s wishes for the functional and aesthetic upgrading of the elevator.

After completing work, the notified inspector returns and after noting that the work is performed in accordance with applicable legislation, issue the elevator certificate.