Elevator Maintenance

The maintenance and technical support of each type of elevator is mandatory by law as it is a vertical movement machine with which human lives are moved.

Since 2016 we cooperate with the company DATA SOLUTION and have a complete history database for each elevator, and record the maintenance, damage or repairs made in real time, proving the high quality of services we provide.

Our company, with its specialized licensed technicians, having in mind the safety of the public using an elevator for its vertical movement, maintains and controls on a monthly basis the elevators it has undertaken, with the following:

Monthly Maintenance

  • Once a month or twice if it is for elevators in buildings with high traffic.
  • Elevator maintenance is carried out according to the Elevator Maintenance Checklist. The form includes a series of checks and maintenance corresponding to:
    • Monthly basis
    • Bimonthly basis.
    • Biannual basis.
    • Annual base.
  • The completed Checklist signed by the competent technician and delivered for archiving.
  • Online recording of maintenance and testing by the technicians via e-application.
  • Maintenance by appointment if desired by a customer.

Direct telephone service.

  • We serve 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Quick damage recovery.

  • Online recording of damage by the technicians via e-application.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Replacement spare parts that might be required after a disaster or damage, after the update, acceptance of costs and customer approval.


  • Insruance of lifts against civil liability in the insurance company ERGO INSURANCE.


  • Cleaning of the shaft bottom, engine room and pulley room at regular intervals.