Marine Elevators

Our company provides services in parallel and in the maritime area in all types of elevators and escalators established in all kind of ships.

Due to the fact that the elevators installed on ships are stressed daily by intense vibrations and the oxidative environment of the sea requires specialized maintenance and supervision services.

Our company, thanks to the excellent know-how of its technical staff, provides high quality services in terms of ship elevators:

  • Maintenance and repair of ships elevators.
  • Maintenance and repair of escalators.
  • Delivery of a detailed report after works has been completed whether it is maintenance or repair on each elevator separately (if it is a ship that has several lifts).
  • Issuing of relevant certificates after testing and safety inspections.
  • Troubleshooting (in case of emergency) in any port in Greece and abroad, in consultation with the shipping company.
  • Ability to supply spare parts for all companies.

Our company applies a certified quality system ISO 9001: 2015 BUREAU VERITAS:

  • For the design, installation, maintenance and repair of elevators.
  • For the maintenance and repair of escalators.

complies in every phase of the work with strict procedures and forms.

Ship Elevator Inspection

After completion of the tests and controls all of the elevators safety systems installed on ships, our company issues a certificate in accordance with international standards.